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Thursday, April 19, 2012

My Favorite Celebrity


Name: Taylor Alison Swift
Date Of Birth: December 13, 1989
Place of Birth: Wyomissing, Pennsylvania, United States
Genre: Country, Country Pop, Pop
Occupations: Singer, Songwriter
Instruments: Guitar, Vocals, Ukulele, Piano
Years active: 2006–present

Why Taylor Swift?
I feel like I can totally relate to her through her songs.
All of her songs are all very true and mostly based on her real life experiences which I had experienced before.

I can totally feel her in her song titled 'Outside'.
It's a song about how difficult it is to fit in. Just because you think differently, just because you don't do things that other people do, people will look at you skeptically and make you an outcast without even trying to get to know the real you. It was something that I experienced during my school days and even now when I am in college.

In the song 'Writing Songs About You' she wrote about how a girl is trying to get over a boy she likes. She has always liked the boy however he does not have a single clue about her feeling. No matter what she tried, there is always something that will make her fall for him again. So, while she is trying to erase her feelings towards him, she will keep on writing songs about the boy.

As I also play guitar and write my own songs, Taylor Swift is my inspiration in becoming a better musician. 

My favorite Taylor Swift quote 'People haven't always been there for me, but music has'


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